Friday, 28 December 2012


Hi there, I'm Hannah and I'm passionate about travelling. There's no doubt about my love for exploring new places and I like writing about the trips I go on so starting a blog about my adventures makes perfect sense. The is my official first post but as you can see below there are a fair few posts about my 2 big trips through Europe (2009) and SE Asia (2010). I had an old travel blog but decided I wanted to start a new one over here on blogger so it made sense to import all my old posts as I have a lot of love for these and my early days of writing. Since travelling around SE Asia 2 years ago I've been on lots of exciting holidays but not another 'big trip' however a year and a half travelling the world is something I seriously want to do in the next 5 years. Until then I'm going to use this blog to talk about trips I've been on and what I go up to. I want to review hotels I've stayed in and restaurants I've eaten at. I want to talk about fun nights out and crazy bars I've discovered. I want to give my insight on museum, galleries and other tourist activities. But most important I want a place where I can record the way a certain country, city, town made me feel and most importantly whether I liked it there, would I go back and would I recommend it as a place to visit.

First of all I've got a little catching up to do. During 2011 and 2012 I've been very lucky to go on several exciting trips. Last year I spent my birthday weekend in Berlin and this year I've been to New York, Munich, Marrakesh, Paris and Reykjavik. I live in London and am constantly exploring the city plus my family are fortunate enough to own a place in Northern Ireland which is where we're all from so I get over there a fair bit as well. I already have an assortment of exciting trips planned for 2013 including 2 weeks travelling around Norway (mega exciting), a weekend in Paris and Berlin for their half marathons, a week spent in New York (I love that city) and a few other European weekend getaways if time (and money) allow.

I don't really want to set myself a travelling challenge but considering I've travelled to around 50 odd countries (I need to make a proper list) I wonder if I can make it to 100 by the time I'm 30 (I turn 27 in 2013). This might be possible if I get to go on my dream around the world trip but I'm not holding my breath. In my life time more than 100 for sure but let's just take it one country at a time. There's a lot of cities and countries I've been to before that I want to revisit so it's not always about discovering new places and I certainly don't want it to ever be a check list sort of job.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading through my old blog posts whilst I get the new ones up and running. And just out of interest here are the countries I haven't been to yet that are on the top of my must visit list:


Until next time, happy travels.

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